Remembering 30

March 14, 2012

Just heard a coworker is going to Japan for her 30th birthday. At first I was envious and then I remembered MY 30th. I did glow in the dark bowling at Elsie’s (yes I’m too old to remember what that’s called now), swing dancing in the aisles, which Mademoiselle magazine captured in a photoshoot.

FYI, when when you look up “Mademoiselle” in the yellow pages (Google was not available at the time, and ohhh how I just enjoyed dating myself there), you are NOT directed to Mademoiselle magazine, as I had incorrectly assumed. Also for your information, 10 am appears to be a bit early to call Mademoiselle Escort Service and explain that someone took some photos of you and now you need to sign something. That woman was rather terse, in fact. If it were me, I’d be laughing my heinie off at some poor sap thrilled about her getting her big break in a photoshoot in a bowling alley.

And Mademoiselle never DID publish any photos of me dancing in the aisles at Elsie’s. They chose to publish some photos of girls singing karaoke instead, as I recall. I’m not sure if the story would have been better or worse if they had.

Who am I kidding? It TOTALLY would’ve been a better story if my picture had been published.


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